Frequently Asked Questions

How to order Ballet Rosa products?

Firstly please register on our website and fill out our order form that you may find there, or simply call us on +351 253 519 143 or 44, send us an email at or fax us through +351 253 416 828. You will get an order confirmation by email within a 24 hour period.

Are Ballet Rosa products sold directly to Schools?

No. Ballet Rosa decided to sell its products on selected shops because we want to be closer to our final customer, the dancer. We believe that the shop may be more useful to the school and the teachers. The shop owner can better explain our concepts and may too clarify any doubts about colours, styles and sizing. All to your comfort and service!

Why does it take sometimes longer than normal to get the order?

Our reputation for quality and great fitting is growing fast, and, sometimes, demand is larger than our capacity. As consequence, in some occasions, like during the back-to-school time and on Spring, slight delays on our deliveries may occur. However, we will do every possible effort to service our customers and we will do our utmost to prevent delays from happening.

How can I be sure that the size is right?

The best way to know the size is to try it out but because this is not always possible, we have tested our measurement chart and we are very confident that each style will be perfect. Please note, however, that regardless of the sizechart, some models or materials fit better to certain types of silhouettes. We suggest that you order sizes that can be easily embedded in sales in order to better understand our size fitting.

Are all materials and colours always available?

Yes! However, because to not stock a large amount of each colour and depend on the customers’ timings, we may run out of stock which can cause delays. In these cases we will contact the client and suggest other available colour, or simply agree a new delivery date.

Why is transportation not included in the price?

We believe that our customers get more benefit from price transparency. We have a very favorable contract with our carrier, but there is always the possibility for our client to suggest an alternative transportation, which we will respect.

Why is the lining an option on Collection Essentiels?

Many of our customers do not want lining on their products and and others prefer partial lining only in the bust part, reinforcing the breast support for extra comfort. As we are very flexible in all our Essentiels models, we let the customer decide. We also offer underwear models to complete our choice of styles.